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Introducing Blueprints

Imagine a simple, workable action plan that gave you the clarity and confidence of knowing exactly what you need to do, to begin the next phase of growth for your business.
Tailored specifically to your organisation; an easy to understand operation manual for both internal and external use with all the knowledge expertise you need to succeed.

Today I introduce Blueprints. A series of delivery structures that combine your company's unique DNA and domain expertise with the best in marketing and growth expertise.
These Blueprints are designed to unlock your firm's full potential while making the strategy for execution plain and clear.

An example Blueprint can be seen in this video demo here

Currently there are a number of Blueprints available in multiple categories ranging from Brand Strategy, through to Customer Journey through to work culture and systems. Each Blueprint has had a number of runs with non-profits and for-profits alike. Categories have Blueprints that feed into the overall strategy, such as Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, Website redesign, Customer Acquisition, Pricing and more.

Customers can expect to see a two to five times Return on Investment on any given Blueprint. Already existing customers report the Blueprints to be valued at two to three times their level of investment.
Take for example, a design agency struggling to differentiate itself in the market from the competition. This design agency, can use an action plan derived from the market positioning and pricing Blueprint to reposition itself in the market and establish premium pricing. The action plan provides clear guidance on how to improve the value perception on the website, guidance for improving the pricing tables and guidance for sales conversations if customers object to pricing. This agency valued this Blueprint at twice the amount of the investment made.

As part of this soft-launch, Blueprints are available as part of a consulting engagement with me.

If you're interested in what Blueprint might work for you please book a free consultation with me. (click link)

PS - Work has already begun on the development of a new brand where I'll be making the Blueprints available on a dedicated website, with case studies, testimonials and other resources.

Here's what my existing clients say:

"I would say it’s worth well over twice the ROI. Thinking about it, if I’m able to get a client to pay £5-7k whereas previously it was £1-2k, it puts things into perspective. All I’m saying is that ‘twice the ROI’ is on the low end if I’m being honest." -- Stuart L Crawford, Founder, Inkbot Design

"I have found Khuram a pleasure to work with; he asks thought provoking questions, which help you to get out of the operational day to day grind, and allow you to think more strategically. I highly recommend his blueprints in particular, they break down, task by task, into manageable, bitesize chunks the steps our organisation needs to take to make progress. It is a very practical and results driven approach which is already reaping benefits!" Faisal Amjad, Founder of KN-OW

"This will really help us. Now we are clear about what we need to do and can start work on improving our brand" -- Anwar Saleem, CEO, Remit One.

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