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For Entrepreneurs, how to make a really good curry - the magic ingredient

Here's a real recipe refined over a few generations and iterations on how to make a really good authentic lamb curry. I'll reveal the magic ingredient at the end of the recipe.

The method was taught to me by my mum, and the magic ingredient revealed by my aunt.

#Achari Lamb Curry



Serving suggestion: For best results - serve with Chapati or Pitta bread (lined with Butter), some fresh salad and a chilled glass of Coke with a slice of Lemon.

The Magic Ingredient

The magic ingredient is one cinnamon stick. Best used ground.

This magic ingredient gives the curry a sweet 'n' spicy taste without which the achari lamb curry will be good but not amazing.

How to mess this recipe up

#Curry lovers, stop here.
Entrepreneurs and Start-Up founders, keep reading

Why am I telling you how to make a really good curry? and what has this to do with Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups?

Most of you will have guessed it by now.

There's too much time spent on looking for the magic ingredient, and not enough time spent on understanding that, what matters most is in fact the method. Even with the right ingredient(s), you can get a good curry very wrong. (see "how to mess this up" section above)

When it comes to making a really good curry, people spend a long time looking for the magic ingredient. I know I did. I've been practising making Achari Lamb curry for nearly three years now, but each improvement was primarily an improvement to the method and then a search for the magic ingredient. The magic ingredient was merely the 'tipping point'.

There's too many Start-Up founders looking for "the magic ingredient", that one really special idea, that one feature in a high profile magazine; too many Entrepreneurs looking for that one special "if".

"If only we had 2 million followers on twitter"
"If only we had VC funding".

I hear and see this often. What really matters is execution.

Almost every client engagement I have had with a Start-Up, has inevitably resulted in a discussion about improving execution rather than finding a way to strike "marketing gold".

Learn how to 'make a perfectly good curry', and the rest will follow naturally.

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